About Emline

Emline, a cut and sew luxury brand catered to the urban style, rooted from the heart of New Orleans. La. Founded by fashion designer James Mayes in 2017. Thru unique designs that represent the upbringing of those who were born or raised in poverty or less fortunate neighborhoods, Mayes’ objective is to pass inspiration to any individual that seeks it. Most designs share significant meanings that symbolize life experiences of the humbled or less fortunate. Just because we were born setback doesn’t mean we won’t succeed.

Since the release of Emline the brand has gained a core support base that stand behind the values and integrity of the brand. We have curated a host of Annual events that are structured to fit inside the culture of its roots which has grown tremendously thru time. Emline holds 2 significant logos, a Magnolia Flower and the letter M.

The magnolia flower is representation of a person. It represent the timeline of life’s experiences. From being just a seed in the dirt/stomach to adversity/rain to blossoming into the beautiful flower/people that we are within. Every flower has a different shape but we are all the same in the end.

We create with love, love of HUMANITY.
-James Mayes

“Special thank you to New Orleans, Emline is nothing without you”.


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